Murray Scratch
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"Michael is a phenomenal performer and person to work with.  I realized extremely quickly that he was a team player, a great listener, and a very creative actor with extreme attention to detail.  He dove into his role as Adrian Black and literally transformed before my eyes.  His demeanor, posture, mannerisms, and tone changed rapidly with added physical limitations. As a promoter of rich collaboration with actors, Michael was a joy to work with and I found his ideas to be highly in sync with mine.    

I'm very happy to have cast Michael and I know he will thrive with his drive to pursue meaningful roles, obvious talent, and ambition!"

Brooks Hunter

 -Director, Kenneyville (www.kenneyville.com)       

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"Michael is the kind of actor that commands respect on set just by the way he carries himself.  I'm amazed at his dedication to the very smallest details when it comes to preparing for a role.  He is one of the most believable and smartest actors I've ever met.  He is very dedicated to his acting and it's evidenced by his presence on screen."  Lonzo Nzekwe Director/Producer (Alpha Galore Films)         anchor baby trailer:  www.anchorbabymovie.com